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5 Things to Consider Before Shopping Online

When shopping online, one has to be careful of several things. The internet is a scary and dreadful place, and when one is not careful, one tends to get scammed. A lot of people have been conned due to one reason or the other as shopping online can be very tricky.

To make sure you are safe of the internet scam, below are some thoughts, look-see and, suggestions put together by customers, and as portrayed in online shoppers’ reviews:

1.Seller’s credibility: Do you trust the seller? Stories have been told of how people get scammed because they bought something online, got the product but were dissatisfied because of the condition of the product or a different thing. So, whenever you are buying online, be wary of the seller and ask for tips regarding such sellers from different perspectives.

2.Payment methods: This is used in completing the purchase process. The identity of the website needs to be confirmed whether it is genuine or not as to whether payment should be made as well or not. Some websites con people and make them give up their credit card details, just to use it for some other things; illegal or fraud or sometimes, packing away all the available balance in the account. To be on the safe side, do more research about the website, get a receipt or an invoice for the payment made.

3.Shipping: Shipping of goods to buyers has been made very easy now as buyers get their products either by doorstep delivery or through a pickup station. Check if the site has an online shipping method to make it easy to get one’s product. And as easy as it might sound, some challenges come with shipping as some deliveries fall within a stipulated amount of time.

4.Return policy: It is also vital to know if a site has a return/refund policy. An online store may run out of a particular product after being ordered or the buyer might not be satisfied with the product and decides that he no longer wants it. So, what happens? Do you get a refund in the case of this? These are the questions one should ask before venturing into buying online.

5.Customer’s review: To be sure of the website you are buying from, check for their customers’ review or recommendations regarding the website as a whole, as well as the product you are getting in particular. From the customers’ comment section, you get to know whether the site is a safe zone before proceeding into making payments or purchasing a product.


Shopping online nowadays has been very easy and comforting. One can sit down in the corner of a room and shop for anything and get them delivered at the doorstep in record time. As easy as it sounds, some precautions need to be taken, such as checking for similar prices, reading product reviews, cost analysis as well as other tips listed above. One needs to be careful of a lot of things so as not to end up being disappointed.