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System Monitoring Now Made Easy with Computer Spy Software

Productivity is the key to any organizations success. This productivity can only be achieved through diligent efforts of the employees. Therefore, employees turn out to be the most important asset of any company. It is the employees whose efforts and hard works propel any company to success and greater heights. However, not always! Not everyone may be that devoted towards his/her work. There arrives a need to supervise such employees but the question remains, how? Take help of remote spy tool to accomplish this task with ease.

Also known commonly as, Employee Desktop Live Viewer is result oriented software. It is a revolutionary product making employee supervision a trivial task. No more need to keep your eyes hooked up to surveillance videos or roam around near workstations. Computer spy software and installation is the only thing you need to be bothered of. Use it to monitor any number of computers in the network and watch live videos.

The installation can be remotely handled. The agent setup file can be installed both remotely (with administrative rights) as well as manually on the target computers. It works as a surveillance camera pointed towards the desktop screen of the computer(s). Simply install the software on the server and on those employee computers which you wish to monitor. They are known as viewer and agent respectively. Now, you are all equipped to monitor each and every activity going on the screens of your employees.

No need to zoom in or change angles like you do with conventional camera videos, watch their computer screens straightaway. You can monitor as many screens as you want and even watch them simultaneously through thumbnails views. Also, this remote spy tool has dual screen support to supervise even more systems. It effectively works in domain based and workgroup based network.

This PC spy software allows both online and offline recording so as to constantly monitor target computers and save the recordings in AVI format. It is also possible to set different scheduling and recording parameters for every target computer installed with the Agent setup file. Therefore, record continuously but watch at your own convenience. Along with remote installation, you can even uninstall agents remotely. Also, send instant messages and notifications to anyone in the network remotely. Now you can instantly beware any employee who doesnt adhere to work hour norms. With this you can be confident that no one is accessing unauthorized sites, indulging in forbidden activities or transferring secure data. Computer spy software is the one stop solution to forget employee productivity issues.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer plays the perfect role of a monitor. It is a great choice for any new user because of its simple and guided interface. It serves all the above features and is compatible with almost every operating system, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and previous versions. A free evaluation version is also available to get acquainted with the software and its features. With the trial version you can monitor 1 computer system for 7 days and record 5 minutes of video.