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What are the most important parts of a gaming computer?

If you want to buy a gaming computer, you would want a computer that would be powerful enough to help you play every type of game no matter how heavy or the quality of graphic used for the game. Graphic cards seem to be the most talked-about part of a gaming computer that many people now think that once a computer has the right graphic card, it will be great enough for gaming. While the graphic card is important, it is easily not the most important part of a gaming computer. It is just that most computers today, especially the one that comes with the right graphic card, will already have adequate capacity to be able to manage most games. This article will discuss what you should look out for when you want to buy a gaming computer.


The most important part of a gaming computer would easily be the processor. This is considering that most of the other computer parts apart from the monitor and the processor can be upgraded after you have bought the computer. Hence, it is important to make sure that the computer you are buying is a high-grade AMD computer or a minimum of Intel Core i5. This is especially if you intend to play high-end games that would require a lot of processor power to process and play. The poor processor speed will result in lesser frame rates than possible. Hence, you would not enjoy the game as much as if you were using a very powerful processor.


The RAM size of the computer is also important. You should get a computer that has a minimum of 8 GB memory card. With a RAM of that size, your computer should be able to easily play most games especially if your graphic card comes with some dedicated memory space as well. If the RAM size is not good enough for the game, your computer might be hanging while you are playing the game.

Graphics card

The graphic card is equally important if you want to enjoy the graphic in the game. For this purpose, you should opt for a graphic card that is optimized for gaming and that comes with dedicated graphics memory. This will help you to fully enjoy the graphics that come with the game. You can read more about graphic cards to know why they are very important in a gaming computer.

Screen size

The screen size of your monitor also contributes to how much you will enjoy the game: The bigger the screen size of the gaming computer, the better for the person playing the game. Playing a game on a computer with a very small screen like a mini-laptop can be very frustrating. However, when you are playing it on a desktop with a huge screen, you are likely to enjoy the game more.

Cooling system

Playing games tasks every part of the computer more than most other activities we use our computer for. The implication is that if the computer should get very hot, it could damage the processor and other part or make the computer to suddenly go off. Hence, the cooling system is important to manage the temperature of the computer when you are playing games.