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Wondering How To Perform A Social Media Audit? Use NetbaseQuid Analytics

In today’s business world, analytics are essential tools for success. Since even the slightest of details can mean the difference between a business succeeding or failing, paying attention to the latest trends can be vital to staying ahead of the competition. With businesses around the world spending nearly $50 billion on social media advertising, making sure this money is being well-spent is of the utmost importance. To do so, a social media audit has become the latest tool used by companies large and small. If you are curious as to what is involved with a social media audit and how to perform one at your company, look to experts at NetbaseQuid.

Defining a Social Media Audit

When your company is preparing to do an audit of this nature, there are certain factors that must take priority. These include determining which strategies are working concerning your social media accounts, which ones are failing and why this is so, and what improvements can be made across the board on all social media accounts to ensure productivity and profits increase.

The Role of Analytics

Since these audits are ultimately about discovering the slightest of details that can help your company’s social media advertising efforts, it is crucial you rely on analytics throughout the process. This is where advanced software from NetbaseQuid can play an important role, since it can be used to analyze various aspects of social media advertising. Whether you are wanting to learn more about which topics are regularly trending on your social media accounts, what customers are saying about your brand, how consumer behavior is changing in regards to your brand or products, or other related topics, NetbaseQuid analytics software can help your company gain immediate feedback and use this to grow customer loyalty.

Focusing on the Main Issues

When doing a social media audit, you will be focusing heavily on a small circle of issues that generally play the biggest part in determining how well your social media accounts fare. For example, by using NetbaseQuid analytics software to find out what customers are saying about your brand, you can then examine your Twitter and Facebook accounts to see if you are using the best hashtags, creating and posting content at times when they will receive maximum online exposure, and even which individuals within your company are creating content that gets the best results.

Why Conduct an Audit?

If you are like many people at companies across the world, you may be wondering if all this is really necessary. However, with advertising dollars at a premium and consumer preference that can change in the blink of an eye, most digital advertising pros agree a social media audit is now more important than ever before. Not only will it let you examine the strengths and weaknesses of your current social media accounts and marketing campaigns, but it will also let you take a closer look at each social media account to see if your company is missing opportunities to catch the attention of consumers. Perhaps most importantly of all, a social media audit will let you develop and implement strategies to ensure your company’s brand is portrayed in a positive light to consumers you are hoping to reach with your message.

By working closely with such major companies as Hyundai, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and many others, NetbaseQuid social media analytics and artificial intelligence is continuing to open new doors in the world of digital advertising. When combining the company’s analytics software and AI with results from your audit, there is little doubt short and long-term success will be in your company’s future.